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BlephEx: Introducing our revolutionary new treatment for blepharitis

We’re excited to announce that BlephEx, a revolutionary new treatment for blepharitis, is now available at our practice.

Sufferers of the inflammatory eye condition often struggle to deal with redness and irritation, but this state-of-the-art device means we can alleviate these debilitating issues for our patients and finally improve their comfort.

How does BlephEx work?

A build-up of skin cells and bacteria around the eyes is one of the main causes of inflammation, and normally patients must regularly cleanse their eyes at home by themselves.

Now we can take care of removing this build-up in using BlephEx, and it’s much more effective than DIY home remedies.

During a treatment, a medical grade micro-sponge is used to precisely clear away bacterial debris and exfoliate the eyelids.

It takes only a few minutes to perform, it’s minimally invasive, and it can bring the irritating and painful chronic symptoms associated with blepharitis to an end (especially if treatments are repeated regularly).

Whether you suffer from blepharitis, dry eyes or Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), we’re confident a course of BlephEx will give you back comfortable vision.

Our introductory offer

To celebrate the arrival of BlephEx at Crowborough Opticians, we’re running a special introductory offer on this revolutionary treatment.

Whilst a full treatment will normally cost £80, we’re giving our patients the chance to try it out for an initial trial price of only £30.

Want to take advantage of this great offer? Get in touch on 01892 458901  for further information or fill out the form below to receive your voucher. 

For more information on blepharitis, click here to read our informational blog.

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