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Contact Lenses

We’ll provide you with the best contact lenses on the market

When you don’t want frames, contact lenses are the perfect alternative, providing you with impeccable vision and absolute comfort – if you purchase from the right company.

Because we’re an independent opticians, we have access to the entire market of contact lenses, allowing us to find the perfect fit for you.

Contact Lenses in Crowborough
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Some contact lenses available to you:

Daily disposable soft lenses: Perfect for people on the go, these contacts are worn once then thrown away, but won’t break the bank. Their soft material makes them easier to place onto your eyes.

Fortnightly and monthly disposable soft lenses: Great lenses for those who can maintain their contact lenses for a little bit longer. Will require safe cleaning and storage.

Gas permeable: Contact lenses made of a firm and durable plastic that transmits oxygen, allowing for exemplary eye health practice.

Multi-focal lenses: Designed to help you see at all distances, making it perfect for anyone who’s both short and long-sighted.

Vision without frames

We’ll make sure you have the best contact lenses on the market for your eyes, and will ensure that your prescription is up to date whenever you come for an eye examination.

For the best contact lenses on the market, visit our contact page to find out how you can get in touch, or call us on 01892 458901 to book your appointment.

Crowborough Opticians Contact Lenses
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