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Paul Costelloe

Paul Costelloe designer glasses

At Crowborough Opticians, we’re proud to carry Paul Costelloe’s range of elegant eyewear. Paul Costelloe designer glasses feature classic, clean-cut styles mixed with subtle colours and highlights, creating an understated sophistication that appeals to both men and women.

Paul Costelloe designer glasses
Paul Costelloe eyewear


Women’s Eyewear

Paul Costelloe’s glasses for women are effortlessly chic. Crafted with unique materials and with classic styling and intricate embellishing, these designer glasses ensure that any woman who chooses a pair of Paul Costelloe frames will look and feel smartly elegant.

Men’s Glasses

Inspired by a crossover of clean-cut and smart city styling with country colours and styles, Paul Costelloe’s eyewear for men makes any gentleman look the part. Expect nothing less than quality, sophistication and style from this line.


Sunglasses for Ladies

We carry the latest selection of Paul Costelloe’s sunglasses for ladies. These include signature pieces from the ‘Sun’ series, which feature frames in brown acetate complete with speckled sides.

Sunglasses for Gents

From masculine designs to slim and classic styles, Paul Costelloe’s sunglasses add a touch of sophistication that every man needs.

Paul Costelloe sunglasses
Choose the right Paul Costelloe frame

Choose the right Paul Costelloe frame

This Irish designer’s sunglasses and prescription frames are all elegant and stylish. Should you need help finding the right frame, we’re here to help. With more than four decades of industry experience, we have helped people of all ages find the eyewear suited to their needs, lifestyle and personality.

We can bring Paul Costello glasses to you

We go to great lengths to serve our senior clients and those with mobility limitations. We go to clients’ homes, bringing instruments needed to conduct a comprehensive eye examination. Of course, we also take frames with us to give you a wide selection from which to choose — and that includes stylish, elegant Paul Costelloe sunglasses and prescription frames.

Visit our clinic today or contact us to schedule a home visit.

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