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Mirroring the Elegance and Drive of the Sports Car

Reflecting the flawless detailing and craftsmanship of the Jaguar sports car, Jaguar eyewear is one of the most prestigious men’s eyewear brands worldwide.

The line features masculine and sporty lens shapes, marrying classical sensibilities with a fashion-forward edge. Inspired by the car line’s sleek exteriors and interiors, Jaguar glasses have carbon fibre details, aluminium-magnesium alloys and wood grain accents.

Jaguar Eyewear
Jaguar Glasses

Jaguar optical

Jaguar’s optical glasses feature tasteful colour subtleties and elegantly combined materials. You can find angular frames combining stainless steel and plastic and an outstanding array of large sizes.

We carry Jaguar’s full and supra frames, providing Crowborough’s men with styles that suit their taste.

Jaguar sunglasses

Jaguar’s sunglass embodies the sleek design of the world-class autos. Like the optical glasses, they feature large frame sizes and a sophisticated mix of materials. Along with the more traditional monel and acetate constructions, you’d find wood and metal accents. To provide users with superior glare protection, each pair of glasses is available with a polarised lens option.

Jaguar Sunglasses
Jaguar Frames

Designed and manufactured by Menrad

Jaguar is a creation of the renowned German manufacturer Menrad. The company is known for their modern and sophisticated eyewear that provide optimal wearer comfort. Menrad’s dedication to the smallest details reflects in their choice of materials and observance of international fashion standards. As a product of Menrad, Jaguar eyeglasses are sure to deliver design, quality and reliability.

Let’s Find You the Perfect Glasses

We do not skimp on eye examinations. Come to Crowborough Opticians and we’ll help you find the glasses that best suit your needs. Aside from finding the right prescription, we make sure that you leave with glasses that are the right size, style and make for you.

We can also bring our practice to you. Book a home visit with us and we’ll bring our equipment and expertise to your address.

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